the introduction of Platinum-carbon catalyst

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Platinum-carbon catalyst, often referred to as Pd/C , is a form of palladium used for catalysis.Palladium on carbon is pyrophoric in given conditions.

Platinum-carbon catalyst is one of the most important catalysts in hydrogenation of ortho-nitrochlorobenzene to 2,2′-dichlorohydrazobenzene. Platinum catalysts supported on activated carbon with high purity, high surface area, large pore volume and appropriate pore structure usually exhibit higher activities for hydrogenation of ortho-nitrochlorobenzene to 2,2′-dichlorohydrazobenzene. The catalyst prepared from H2PtCl6 with pH=3 shows greater catalytic performance than those prepared under other conditions.

Main characteristic:
Platinum-carbon catalyst is a high catalytic activity and selectivity can be used repeatedly; may be at a low temperature, low pressure even at room temperature, the reaction under atmospheric pressure; part,on the basis of user feedback, the Composite Performance Index over the uniform catalyst imported.


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