the description of Ni-Mo hydrodesulfurization agent

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Ni-Mo hydrodesulfurization agent is activated to accustomed gas, abounding petroleum gas,refinery gas.Strong acerbic sites on the apparent of mesoporous MCM-41 were generated by ion-exchanging siliceous MCM-41 with adulterate HNO3 band-aid (0.5 M). The XRF assurance indicates that a lot of of the sodium cations independent in MCM-41 can be removed by the proton exchange, and dealuminization was empiric during the proton exchange. The acidity of the mesoporous abstracts was characterized by agency of NH3-TPD and the Hammett indicators. It is appear that new able acerbic sites (-5.6 > H0 > -8.2) were generated afterwards the aboriginal 2 h of ion barter and that the afterward ion exchanges had little aftereffect on the acerb properties. XRD patterns of the mesoporous abstracts announce that the anatomy of siliceous MCM-41 was bigger by HNO3 ion exchange. If Ni-Mo hydrodesulfurization agent sulfides were accurate on the able solid acerbic (H+-MCM-41), top achievement in the hydrodesulfurization (HDS) of dibenzothiophene (DBT) was observed. However, the HDS action was decreased while the selectivity of biphenyl (BP) was increased, if H+-Si-MCM-41 was ion exchanged with Na2CO3 aqueous solution. TPR profiles of the accurate Ni-Mo oxides acknowledge that the acerb backdrop of the supports abundantly access the hydrogenation activities of the bimetallic oxides. The top achievement of H+-MCM-41-supported Ni-Mo catalysts may be attributed to the added hydrogenation activity.

The role of nickel in the activity of unsupported Ni-Mo hydrodesulfurization agent hydrodesulfurization catalysts
A series of unsupported nickel-molybdenum sulfide catalysts covering the range 0–100 atom% nickel has been prepared by continuous coprecipitation. Highly dispersed Ni3S2 is suggested to play a role in hydrogen activation, transferring protons and electrons to the MoS2, and this may form the o rigin of the synergistic mechanism. The likely roles of the promoter are summarized.


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