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In overseas market, Gerhold Chemetals has sold products to more than 50 countries, and our quality is highly approved by some of our famous customers who control quality strictly, such as L'oreal (China&France), P&G (Japan), Johnson&Johnson (USA).

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Product name: Tetrakis(triphenylphosph.. [Detail]

HDY(KMT) Catalysts

Product name: HDY(KMT) Catalysts Specific.. [Detail]

Ni-Mo hydrodesulfurization agent

Product name: Ni-Mo hydrodesulfurizati.. [Detail]

Co-Mo hydrode sulfurization agent

Product name: Co-Mo hydrode sulfurizat.. [Detail]

FM(KMC) Catalysts

Product name: FM(KMC) Catalysts Specificat.. [Detail]

Lindlar Catalyst

Product name: Lindlar Catalyst PH value(10 %.. [Detail]

Platinum-carbon catalyst

Product name: Platinum-carbon catalyst.. [Detail]

Palladium carbon catalyst

Product name: Palladium carbon catalys.. [Detail]

Palladium acetate

Product name: Palladium acetate CAS No.: 3.. [Detail]

N-butylpyridinium dicyanamide

Product name: N-butylpyridinium dicyan.. [Detail]

Oxygen gas or inert gas with oxygen dehydrogenation  catalysts DH-20

Product name: Oxygen gas or inert gas .. [Detail]

NZP(KMT) Catalysts

Product name: NZP(KMT) Catalysts Specific.. [Detail]

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